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Canon Business Machines (Philippines), Inc.

First Philippines Industrial Park, Batangas, Philippines
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Epson Precision (Philippines) Inc.

Lima Technology Center, Lipa City, Batangas, 4217, Philippines
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Hitachi Cable Philippines

Lima Technology Center, Lipa City, Batangas, 4217, Philippines
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Honda Philippines Inc.

First Philippines Industrial Park, Batangas, Philippines
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Mamplasan Toll Plaza

MTD Construction Philippines, Inc.

Yokohama Tire Philippines, Inc.

Clarkfield, Angeles City, Pampanga
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Philippine Manufacturing Co. Of Murata, Inc.

First Philippines Industrial Park, Tanauan, Philippines
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HealthServ Medical Center

Healthserv Los Banos
General Construction

South Luzon Expressway

MTD Construction Philippines, Inc.
Street Lighting Services

South Luzon Toll Plaza

MTD Construction Philippines, Inc.

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Philippines Corporation

Special Export Processing Zone, Laguna Technopark, Biñan
Mechanical Works

Ilo-ilo Airport

Nestle Tanauan Factory

South Woods Toll Plaza


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Mechanical Works


MECEL CONSTRUCTION AND ELECTRICAL INC. is committed to present the informative method in building construction that will give interest about our company mission, goals, past experiences and management style, that is why MECEL CONSTRUCTION AND ELECTRICAL INC. is ideally suited for your projects.

Mission Statement

We consider the following elements most vital to all projects:

  1. The effective utilization of all capabilities of the team and the commitment to teamwork with all members.
  2. Eagerness to develop an accurate and achievable schedule in executing the plan.
  3. A constant device to provide a lowest installed cost.
  4. Strict compliance with all safety requirements.
  5. A methodical approach to the quality of construction.
  6. A commitment in utilizing local resources, personnel and vendors.

Management Statement

All projects have many challenges and many value-added opportunities that can only be successfully handled through proper and effective management.

Safety Management

MECEL CONSTRUCTION AND ELECTRCIAL INC. is committed to manage the safety of our job sites. We have found that the surest way to eliminate accident is to have a system set-up and continuous education on safety awareness and by developing safety policies across the organizations.

Cost Management

MECEL CONSTRUCTION AND ELECTRICAL INC. always take a deliberate approach in every project and break it down into reasonable components. The cost system is designed to identify trends early to initiate solutions. This approach also provides the necessary degree of accountability. All team members are held responsible for the budgets and schedules and afterwards they are rewarded accordingly.

MECEL CONSTRUCTION AND ELECTRICAL INC. is one of the successful electrical and mechanical contractors in its line of endeavor, for one simple reason that we manage costs effectively. This enables us to control risk (labor) for the benefit of MCEI Management thus, resulted into the lowest, installed price in the industry.

Management Schedule

We are totally committed to meet all schedule ahead of time and we incorporate such program of schedule presented by the management team. We integrate this system of cost management and control to produce accurate “pictures” of current and future performance.

MECEL Commitment

MECEL CONSTRUCTION AND ELECTRICAL INC. is committed in building a method of contract delivery. For the benefits of our Clientele, we consider these advantages as follows:

  1. Single point of responsibility and accountability for quality management, cost, and time.
  2. Quality assurance is produced as specified in the plan and design specification to meet the owner’s requirements.
  3. Cost savings are derived by coordinated team effort evaluating alternative materials, methods of installation and constructive principles.
  4. Time savings are derived by the proper coordination of design and construction processes.
  5. Risk management is appropriately balanced among the team members and change orders are minimized as the design builders has to deliver a fully functioning facility.

MECEL CONSTRUCTION & ELECTRICAL INC. mission is anchored on the philosophy that the man is the basic unit of society. The Company, its clients, the responsible Government agencies and neighbors are but a composition of men with mind, heart and spirit. Thus, the extent by which people is developed and nurtured thereby gaining the necessary skills, knowledge, values and right attitude would spell its active participation in the promotion of the Company’s Mission.

MECEL CONSTRUCTION & ELECTRICAL INC., adheres to the principle that clients deserve the best service and quality workmanship possible in accordance with the approved plans, specifications and general conditions of its contract. The Company believes that satisfied client is the primary justification for its continued existence in the business hence, the generation of economic returns will just follow.

Lastly, MECEL CONSTRUCTION & ELECTRICAL INC., adheres to the Christian principles and values. The Company, believes that “Unless, the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it”. This is recognizing the primary importance of doing its business partnership with the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Sure Foundation and Rock of All Ages.